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West Coast Favorite In-N-Out Burger Moves to Dallas!

If you have ever completed a move to Dallas from the West Coast, there’s a good chance that you were well accustomed to In-n-Out Burger before your moving day. Leaving behind the California fast-food favorite might have been a bit difficult for you, but missing good ole’ In-n-Out Burger is about to be a thing of the past because the fast food icon has been moving to Dallas and setting up shop in several locations throughout the metroplex. Currently, the new locations in Allen and Frisco have seen a phenomenal turn out following their recent openings. Just to get a bite of the famous –dare I say legendary– In-N-Out burger, guests formed lines that more than rounded the building; both in car and on foot! Some guests even spent multiple nights camped out in front of the new In-N-Outs in hopes of being first in line on opening day!

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