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Some rather enthusiastic talk among Cowboys fans has caught the attention of your local Dallas movers, and we are surely not alone in taking interest. As a form of protest against, we may soon see loyal fans moving into a tent village to “Occupy Valley Ranch” until Jerry Jones fires himself. Die-hard Cowboys fans needn’t question the motives behind the Occupy Valley Ranch movement; simply put, there is very little faith in Jerry Jones’ ability to get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl, and fans are apparently willing to infest his front lawn until he moves himself out of the Dallas Cowboys picture! Your Dallas relocation service providers are intrigued, Occupy Valley Ranch becoming a reality would surely be one for the history books; however, today Cowboys fans are likely taking a break from Anti-Jerry-Jones campaigning to enjoy the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium!

According to respondent’s self-ratings, Dallas was ranked the second most humble city in the nation by Living Social, a startup company that offers daily deals and discounts. Your Dallas moving professionals agree with the results, claiming that Dallas is one of the most dutiful cities in the United States. Joining Texas in the five most humble cities are: Cleveland, Detroit, Denver and Minneapolis-St. Paul. The vainest cities however, are: Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Phoenix. Should you choose to reside in Texas, your Dallas moving professionals will have a slice of humble pie waiting for you!

On an ordinary day, The All My Sons of Dallas truck would be filled with boxes and furniture, but today their trucks are filled with Turkeys! Your Dallas professional movers delivered over 100 turkeys and trimmings to local shelters; feeding well over 1,000 people. Remember, Thanksgiving isn’t just about a day off work or delicious food; it’s about being Thankful for what you have and nothing makes you more thankful then helping those who go without. Needless to say, your Dallas professional movers are a little more thankful this year. Happy Thanksgiving Dallas!

Soon the Downtown Dallas skyline may be taking on new characteristics thanks to the addition of a 17-story-high Ferris wheel which is to potentially be erected near the JFK Memorial Plaza atop a nearby parking garage. Following in the footsteps of major cities like London and Paris, Dallas’ plan to build the Ferris wheel is gaining momentum as well as staunch support from fun-loving Dallas locals. Though the new attraction seems synonymous with fun and games, the Ferris wheel is intended to be more of a rotating observation deck than a carnival ride. Considering how high of a vantage point each person riding will have, your Dallas local mover think that the addition of the Ferris wheel is a brilliant fusion of education and entertainment which people of all ages will surely enjoy!

Families with children often move to areas where local schools are held in high regards. Parents who want the best for their children are wise to enroll them in reputable schools, and Dallas just so happens to have two of the country’s top high schools in the nation for talented students. The School of Science and Engineering Magnet and The School for the Talented and Gifted are two college preparatory high schools in Dallas which boast impressive stats.

The School for the Talented and Gifted is a public high school which was founded in the early eighties. Roughly two hundred students grace the halls of the high school, and each student is required to take on a challenging schedule of classes including 11 AP courses. Students are also enrolled in advanced research and technology courses.

Also established in the early eighties, the School of Science and Engineering Magnet is also one of Dallas’ top schools. The college prep high school is often regarded as the best in the country, and it is not difficult for your Dallas area movers to see why; students are exposed to a well-rounded selection of advanced placement math and science courses, as well as college computer science classes. Furthermore, every student enrolled in The School of Science and Engineering Magnet take AP class exams and scores a 3 or higher.

Parents looking to move to excellent school districts for their gifted children need look no further than Dallas!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and your Heroes for Children are happy and proud to take awareness by supporting the Heroes for Children program. Sadly more than one thousand Texas children will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Aside from medical costs involved with treating a child with cancer, parents also face lost wages due to time taken off from work to care for their son or daughter.

Your Dallas local movers know that funds can get tight for families who are moving to a new home. We care about families saving money during a move, but we know that moving costs are nothing compared to medical bills and everything else that is associated with caring for a sick child. Our hearts truly go out to families who are battling cancer in any way shape or form, which is why your Dallas movers here jumped on the opportunity to sponsor the Heroes for Children program.

Your Dallas mover here relocates hundreds of households every week. If you’re moving soon, there are sure to be hundreds of thoughts swimming around in your head, and thoughts regarding which mover to hire are sure to be getting quite a bit of mileage. Moving is not fun, your professionals know this, but we aim to take the stress and worry out of every move we do which is why we have so many happy clients and repeat customers! Take this customer for example in the video below. Looking for movers in Dallas you can trust? You’ve found them!


Fans of fried food are extremely common in Dallas, and when it comes to frying foods, almost nothing is off limits! Your Dallas area mover here was surprised enough years ago when talks of fried beer began to circulate. Now people are frying everything from cakes to kool-aid! Added to the list of strange foods to fry is bubble gum, which definitely pushes the envelope in fried food weirdness! This Monday, the Big Tex Choice Awards will have fried bubble gum as well as many other interesting fried foods on a ballot for “best tasting” and “most creative” foods. You can bet that the food choices will be wonderfully bizarre at this year’s State Fair which begins on September 30th. Bon appétit!

Yesterday morning, Dallas locals rushed to the opening of a brand new kind of one-stop-shopping Mecca. The all-in-one half-Walmart-half-Sam’s Club store is the first of its kind to come to Dallas, and is rousing all kinds of excitement among residents. The store is a double-decker building with a Walmart on the top floor and a Sam’s Club on the ground level. Complete with an escalator designed specially for upward-bound shopping carts, the Walmart/Sam’s Club has everything you could possibly need for (fill in the blank), and they pulled it off better than ever before with this ingenious combo. Along with the extreme convenience the store has brought to Dallas shoppers, the new Walmart/Sam’s Club has also provided over 300 new jobs to the Dallas job market. City officials and residents alike are celebrating the new store’s arrival along with your Dallas area movers. And there is certainly much to celebrate.

Moving may seem complicated, however this is generally how people feel that don’t move very often. As a seasoned moving professional in Dallas, I can tell you that moving is extremely simple. You too would feel this way about moving if you had hundreds of opportunities a month to master the craft of residential relocation. For most, the complication seems to be related to preliminary tasks such as packing. Your Dallas area mover here has the packing solution for any occasion. Clothing seems to be one of the most complicating packing tasks for people on the move. Questions regarding how clothing should be packed, what size boxes to use for packing clothing, and more arise all the time during over-the-phone consultations with potential customers. Packing clothing is simple! For clothing in your dresser, articles which are folded and put away in drawers are already packed! With the help of durable quilted furniture pad wrap, your dresser drawers never even have to be removed, removing any fragile items is all you’ll need to do to prep your dresser clothing for the move. As for clothing hung in the closet, the almighty wardrobe box is the answer to your packing dilemma. Simply move clothes on hangers from your closet rod to the rod atop the wardrobe box and your clothes are good to go! With the proper packing material at hand, packing for your move has never been easier!