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What’s included in my moving cost?

When you receive a quote for your move in Dallas, your agent will most likely quote you an hourly rate based upon the size of your home. The hourly rate usually includes a number of services. A reputable Dallas mover provides quilt pad wrapping of your furniture, an allowance to leave clothing items in your dresser and disassembly and reassembly of your furniture.

What’s not included in your cost is the time it takes for the driver to arrive at your home and the time it takes for them to return to their warehouse. That’s drive time. Drive time is normally calculated at the same hourly rate as your move. If you’re unsure, ask your moving agent if drive time is included. Some moving companies in Dallas also charge a fuel charge. The charge is roughly about 10%, similar to a tax, and is on the total bill. Again if you’re uncertain, ask your Dallas moving agent. Lastly, some moving companies require a minimum move time. On average a moving minimum could be about three hours. This means, if your move takes less than three hours, you will still be responsible for the three hour time frame. If you’re unsure about your moving cost-ask before you book.

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