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The DSO’s Most Important Instrument

meyerson-exterior-kent-wangThe Dallas Symphony Orchestra
has steadily gained notoriety and praise for it’s fine performances. The DSO has been the cornerstone for the development of the Dallas cultural scene, and is instrumental in its continued growth. Many credit the virtuoso musicians and the recruitment of world renown conductor Jaap van Zweden. These acquisitions have certainly been important, but the most important performer at the DSO may be a “larger” factor than any of them.

meyerson-interior-shotIt is the building the Symphony plays in, The Meyerson Symphony Center. Designed by award winning architect I.M. Pei the Meyerson was completed in 1989. It’s distinctive open design, utilizing curved lines and open spaces is one of a kind. Of the auditorium itself most audience members say, “Not a bad seat in the house”. But what really makes this chamber so special is it’s technology. To quote the DSO website:

  •  The centerpiece of the Meyerson is the McDermott Concert Hall, a European “shoebox” style music chamber, designed to establish intimacy between performer and audience.
  • McDermott Hall features reverberation space around the top of the hall concealed by 74 thick concrete doors weighing 2.5 tons each. These chamber doors can be opened and closed to increase or reduce reverberance.
  • In addition, 56 acoustical curtains within the concert hall and meyerson-band-stage-Southwestern Adventist Universityreverberation chamber help to diminish sound vibrations, depending on the use of the hall.
  • A system of canopies weighing more than 42 tons is suspended above the stage and can be raised, lowered or tilted to reflect the sound throughout the audience chamber. The canopies also assist the musicians to hear one another and accurately assess the nuances of their own playing.

KERA, Dallas’ public radio station has a fun and thought provoking interactive page that let’s you manipulate the building in real time. Try it out !!

As a consequence of these efforts the acoustics of the Meyerson can be adapted for a specific performance, delivering a perfect listening experience every time. Here at All My Sons we’re pretty adaptable too. We know every move is different and do whatever it takes to give you the best moving experience period.

Images courtesy of Kent Wang, Luke Fritz and Southwestern Adventist University

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