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Dallas Sets Real Estate Records in June

Pre-owned home sales rose seven percent in Dallas in June, which is the largest year-over-year growth so far in 2014. The first five months of year were fairly stagnant, with little growth in the housing market.

But Dallas real estate agents shattered sales records in June. 9,481 homes were sold in June, which according to North Texas Real Estate Information Systems is the largest single monthly sales total ever. Not only did they set a record for the number of homes sold, but the median price of those homes rose 10 percent, to $199,000, also a record.

This surge in the real estate market is not a surprise for many agents, and in fact some feel its overdue. But selling homes so far this year has been somewhat difficult because the inventory is actually down from 2013. It only takes 44 days on average to sell a house in the Dallas area, which is a record for more than two-dozen counties, but finding homes for sale is a bit difficult.

Buyers are easy to find in this market, and the rise in price does not seem to dissuade them from pursuing a home because the interest rates are still very reasonable. Many people anticipate that the prices will continue to rise in 2014, and agents hope to see an influx of new homes for sale in the market as soon as possible.

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Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/residential-real-estate/20140708-june-heats-up-with-record-north-texas-home-sales-prices.ece

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