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Dallas Homeowners Debate Future of Mural


Since the mid 1970’s one of North Dallas’s most iconic features has been a half mile long mural that runs along a wall on Forest lane. The mural was originally painted by WT White students in an effort to deter graffiti. There have been many projects to retouch the wall in the years since, and you can most likely find at least one person working on it most nights.

However, some people are ready to move on and rid the North Dallas neighborhood of the wall. Dallas homeowners Brent Herling and Danny Scott have broken out in a heated debate over property rights. Herling has been spearheading the touch-up efforts of late, while Scott hopes to see the mural disappear. Scott claims that part of the wall backs up to his house and is his property, while Herling claims that the wall is neighborhood/city property and it is up to them to decide whose property it is. Scott also says the mural is an “eyesore” which “detracts from the value of our neighborhood.”

The debate has moved in to Dallas City Hall where officials are discussing the future of the mural. In the meantime the two sides remain at odds with each other, with more residents in North Dallas weighing in on the issue every day.

Should the mural stay? Who’s claim of property rights is correct?

Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/park-cities/headlines/20140606-tiff-over-forest-lane-mural-is-a-3-block-long-story.ece

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