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Pre-owned home sales rose seven percent in Dallas in June, which is the largest year-over-year growth so far in 2014. The first five months of year were fairly stagnant, with little growth in the housing market. But Dallas real estate agents shattered sales records in June. 9,481 homes were sold in June, which according to […]

Anybody who has ever attended the Addison Texas area for its “Kaboom Town” festivities can attest to the madness that is the corresponding traffic nearby. On July, 3rd, Dallas locals flock to the Addison area fully equipped with picnic gear to enjoy a pre-fourth fireworks show! Your Dallas moving Company here is scheduled to handle […]

April showers are expected over the weekend in Dallas. This may be a regular forecast sighting as we are well into spring. Spring cleaning is probably intended for spring for that very reason. What better time than spring is there to spend indoors, de-cluttering and perfecting your home in preparation for a carefree enjoyable summer? […]

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It seems more and more like an armed robbery each time I pump gas now-a-days. How is it that a full tank of gas today costs more than most full-service oil changes? You almost have no choice in the matter, which is why most people just swipe blindly at the pump and watch as their […]

Other than the obvious, like packing, buying materials, looking into a moving service, etc. There are other tasks that must be completed before you can move into a new neighborhood or community. You not only are moving your belongings, but you’re relocating your entire family. Such as the great community that our local office serves. […]

It’s hard to find a local Dallas mover who can give a fair and honest quote for their moving services. But at All My Sons Moving & Storage, that is exactly what you’re getting when you call in to get a free quote. As members of both the American Moving and Storage Association, and the […]