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Pre-owned home sales rose seven percent in Dallas in June, which is the largest year-over-year growth so far in 2014. The first five months of year were fairly stagnant, with little growth in the housing market. But Dallas real estate agents shattered sales records in June. 9,481 homes were sold in June, which according to […]

Your Dallas local movers participated in last month’s Heroes for Children 2012 Dallas 5k last month, and had just as much fun as we did during last year’s event. Heroes for Children is an incredible organization which provides much more than a helping hand to families battling childhood cancer. Childhood cancer takes its toll on […]

Your Dallas local relocation specialists here are excited for many moves to come following the much-needed makeover being given to Ross Avenue in Downtown. Upgrades to the previously less-than-beautiful area has been revitalized with new luxury townhomes and lofts, handsome architecture and park installations, and also a vibrantly renovated “Gateway to the Arts District.” Residences […]

Working together as a team is one of the most important aspects of a well orchestrated moving crew. Our movers exhibit excellent teamwork on a daily basis, and so do our in-office staff! Every day our moving crews rely on the teamwork of our dispatch representatives, who rely on our experienced relocation consultants to diagnose […]

Soon the Downtown Dallas skyline may be taking on new characteristics thanks to the addition of a 17-story-high Ferris wheel which is to potentially be erected near the JFK Memorial Plaza atop a nearby parking garage. Following in the footsteps of major cities like London and Paris, Dallas’ plan to build the Ferris wheel is […]

Families with children often move to areas where local schools are held in high regards. Parents who want the best for their children are wise to enroll them in reputable schools, and Dallas just so happens to have two of the country’s top high schools in the nation for talented students. The School of Science […]

Yesterday morning, Dallas locals rushed to the opening of a brand new kind of one-stop-shopping Mecca. The all-in-one half-Walmart-half-Sam’s Club store is the first of its kind to come to Dallas, and is rousing all kinds of excitement among residents. The store is a double-decker building with a Walmart on the top floor and a […]

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April showers are expected over the weekend in Dallas. This may be a regular forecast sighting as we are well into spring. Spring cleaning is probably intended for spring for that very reason. What better time than spring is there to spend indoors, de-cluttering and perfecting your home in preparation for a carefree enjoyable summer? […]

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Super Bowl XLV is quite the exciting topic around the office for your Dallas area movers. The magnificent and new Dallas Cowboys Stadium will be the war zone this year for the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers to battle it out. Joe Buck, Mike Pereira and former Dallas Cowboy, Troy Aikman, will provide […]

It seems more and more like an armed robbery each time I pump gas now-a-days. How is it that a full tank of gas today costs more than most full-service oil changes? You almost have no choice in the matter, which is why most people just swipe blindly at the pump and watch as their […]