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Big Ideas Are Brewing In Big D !!!

My City Lyn Caudle“Shaping the city of the future by igniting, uniting, and energizing the people of Dallas through the power of ideas”. This was the bold agenda for the recent Dallas Festival Of Ideas. The event drew local, national and international thought leaders to propose innovative directions for the city’s future. Originally scheduled for February 27th & 28th at multiple venues the event had to be scaled back to one evening and fewer venues due to the record breaking in-climate weather of the previous week.

Still there was lively and engaging discourse from many speakers. As Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said “Too much work, too many smart people, too many important ideas to be addressed for us to let a little slush get in the way”. More than a dozen speakers and 700 attendees addressed some of the most important challenges Dallas faces in the future. But for every challenge their were exciting solutions proposed.

Digital Innovation and Foresight Strategist Rahaf Harfoush suggested more broadband internet and having the city to create an app that shows where crime is happening. Build an app where people can register and receive tailored alerts about things that matter to them. Author Luis Alberto Urrea suggested a Dallas Book Festival similar to the one that has energized Tucson. Architect Vishaan Chakrabti suggested the idea of creating “nodes” that cluster business and walkable residential neighborhoods together.

Despite the grey skies, the attendees looked forward to a bright future for our city. If you see Dallas as a place to chart your future, call us here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we’ll be there rain or shine.


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