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10 Facts Mavs Fans Don’t Know About Dirk

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks has just become the 7th highest scoring player in NBA history by surpassing the legendary Moses Malone. Your Dallas Movers are big fans of Dirk, a legend in his own right, and we knew the basics about him before looking into much. Like Moses Malone, Nowitzki was drafted straight from high school. He was the first European player to start in the NBA All Star Game and the first European to receive the NBA’s MVP Award. But after looking into it, we found that there are some things you probably don’t know about Dirk:

  • Dirk’s Mom was a professional basketball player
  • Dirk plays the saxophone
  • Dirk’s sister Silke is now his business manager
  • Dirk dunked on Charles Barkley as a high school student
  • Dirk never played college basketball
  • Dirk was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Dirk was the 1st Maverick to be selected for the All-NBA Team
  • Dirk is the only 7 footer to win the 3 pt shootout
  • Dirk’s fadeaway us considered the 2nd most unstoppable shot in NBA history
  • Dirk was the subject of a book name “The Dirk Nowitzki Fun Fact and Trivia Book
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