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My City Lyn Caudle“Shaping the city of the future by igniting, uniting, and energizing the people of Dallas through the power of ideas”. This was the bold agenda for the recent Dallas Festival Of Ideas. The event drew local, national and international thought leaders to propose innovative directions for the city’s future. Originally scheduled for February 27th & 28th at multiple venues the event had to be scaled back to one evening and fewer venues due to the record breaking in-climate weather of the previous week.

Still there was lively and engaging discourse from many speakers. As Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said “Too much work, too many smart people, too many important ideas to be addressed for us to let a little slush get in the way”. More than a dozen speakers and 700 attendees addressed some of the most important challenges Dallas faces in the future. But for every challenge their were exciting solutions proposed.

Digital Innovation and Foresight Strategist Rahaf Harfoush suggested more broadband internet and having the city to create an app that shows where crime is happening. Build an app where people can register and receive tailored alerts about things that matter to them. Author Luis Alberto Urrea suggested a Dallas Book Festival similar to the one that has energized Tucson. Architect Vishaan Chakrabti suggested the idea of creating “nodes” that cluster business and walkable residential neighborhoods together.

Despite the grey skies, the attendees looked forward to a bright future for our city. If you see Dallas as a place to chart your future, call us here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we’ll be there rain or shine.


meyerson-exterior-kent-wangThe Dallas Symphony Orchestra
has steadily gained notoriety and praise for it’s fine performances. The DSO has been the cornerstone for the development of the Dallas cultural scene, and is instrumental in its continued growth. Many credit the virtuoso musicians and the recruitment of world renown conductor Jaap van Zweden. These acquisitions have certainly been important, but the most important performer at the DSO may be a “larger” factor than any of them.

meyerson-interior-shotIt is the building the Symphony plays in, The Meyerson Symphony Center. Designed by award winning architect I.M. Pei the Meyerson was completed in 1989. It’s distinctive open design, utilizing curved lines and open spaces is one of a kind. Of the auditorium itself most audience members say, “Not a bad seat in the house”. But what really makes this chamber so special is it’s technology. To quote the DSO website:

  •  The centerpiece of the Meyerson is the McDermott Concert Hall, a European “shoebox” style music chamber, designed to establish intimacy between performer and audience.
  • McDermott Hall features reverberation space around the top of the hall concealed by 74 thick concrete doors weighing 2.5 tons each. These chamber doors can be opened and closed to increase or reduce reverberance.
  • In addition, 56 acoustical curtains within the concert hall and meyerson-band-stage-Southwestern Adventist Universityreverberation chamber help to diminish sound vibrations, depending on the use of the hall.
  • A system of canopies weighing more than 42 tons is suspended above the stage and can be raised, lowered or tilted to reflect the sound throughout the audience chamber. The canopies also assist the musicians to hear one another and accurately assess the nuances of their own playing.

KERA, Dallas’ public radio station has a fun and thought provoking interactive page that let’s you manipulate the building in real time. Try it out !!

As a consequence of these efforts the acoustics of the Meyerson can be adapted for a specific performance, delivering a perfect listening experience every time. Here at All My Sons we’re pretty adaptable too. We know every move is different and do whatever it takes to give you the best moving experience period.

Images courtesy of Kent Wang, Luke Fritz and Southwestern Adventist University

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks has just become the 7th highest scoring player in NBA history by surpassing the legendary Moses Malone. Your Dallas Movers are big fans of Dirk, a legend in his own right, and we knew the basics about him before looking into much. Like Moses Malone, Nowitzki was drafted straight from high school. He was the first European player to start in the NBA All Star Game and the first European to receive the NBA’s MVP Award. But after looking into it, we found that there are some things you probably don’t know about Dirk:

  • Dirk’s Mom was a professional basketball player
  • Dirk plays the saxophone
  • Dirk’s sister Silke is now his business manager
  • Dirk dunked on Charles Barkley as a high school student
  • Dirk never played college basketball
  • Dirk was originally drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks
  • Dirk was the 1st Maverick to be selected for the All-NBA Team
  • Dirk is the only 7 footer to win the 3 pt shootout
  • Dirk’s fadeaway us considered the 2nd most unstoppable shot in NBA history
  • Dirk was the subject of a book name “The Dirk Nowitzki Fun Fact and Trivia Book

Pre-owned home sales rose seven percent in Dallas in June, which is the largest year-over-year growth so far in 2014. The first five months of year were fairly stagnant, with little growth in the housing market.

But Dallas real estate agents shattered sales records in June. 9,481 homes were sold in June, which according to North Texas Real Estate Information Systems is the largest single monthly sales total ever. Not only did they set a record for the number of homes sold, but the median price of those homes rose 10 percent, to $199,000, also a record.

This surge in the real estate market is not a surprise for many agents, and in fact some feel its overdue. But selling homes so far this year has been somewhat difficult because the inventory is actually down from 2013. It only takes 44 days on average to sell a house in the Dallas area, which is a record for more than two-dozen counties, but finding homes for sale is a bit difficult.

Buyers are easy to find in this market, and the rise in price does not seem to dissuade them from pursuing a home because the interest rates are still very reasonable. Many people anticipate that the prices will continue to rise in 2014, and agents hope to see an influx of new homes for sale in the market as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a new home in the Dallas area, let your local moving company make your move in process as stress-free as possible. Once you find where you are moving, All My Sons can help you get there.

Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/residential-real-estate/20140708-june-heats-up-with-record-north-texas-home-sales-prices.ece


Since the mid 1970’s one of North Dallas’s most iconic features has been a half mile long mural that runs along a wall on Forest lane. The mural was originally painted by WT White students in an effort to deter graffiti. There have been many projects to retouch the wall in the years since, and you can most likely find at least one person working on it most nights.

However, some people are ready to move on and rid the North Dallas neighborhood of the wall. Dallas homeowners Brent Herling and Danny Scott have broken out in a heated debate over property rights. Herling has been spearheading the touch-up efforts of late, while Scott hopes to see the mural disappear. Scott claims that part of the wall backs up to his house and is his property, while Herling claims that the wall is neighborhood/city property and it is up to them to decide whose property it is. Scott also says the mural is an “eyesore” which “detracts from the value of our neighborhood.”

The debate has moved in to Dallas City Hall where officials are discussing the future of the mural. In the meantime the two sides remain at odds with each other, with more residents in North Dallas weighing in on the issue every day.

Should the mural stay? Who’s claim of property rights is correct?

Source: http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/park-cities/headlines/20140606-tiff-over-forest-lane-mural-is-a-3-block-long-story.ece

Your Dallas local movers participated in last month’s Heroes for Children 2012 Dallas 5k last month, and had just as much fun as we did during last year’s event. Heroes for Children is an incredible organization which provides much more than a helping hand to families battling childhood cancer. Childhood cancer takes its toll on more than the child. It is a heartbreaking experience for the entire family. Heroes for Children makes it possible for families to focus on the child by providing much needed financial assistance. On top of running the 5k, your Dallas professional movers were happy to make a donation to the Heroes for Children cause. It is a heartwarming feeling to be a part of such a worthy cause. Your Dallas relocation service providers are glad to be involved.

Well the NBA draft is now over, and your Dallas moving professionals can’t wait to see how the Dallas Mavericks’ new draft picks will perform alongside of all-stars Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry. The Mavs picked up guard Jared Cuningham, center Bernard James, and forward Jae Crowder. Owner, Mark Cuban and Coach, Rick Carlisle are pleased with the draft picks. Your Dallas movers are excited for the 2012-2013 NBA season to begin this fall to watch these players in a Mavs uniform. Who knows maybe an NBA championship is in reach with these new additions.

Your Dallas local relocation specialists here are excited for many moves to come following the much-needed makeover being given to Ross Avenue in Downtown. Upgrades to the previously less-than-beautiful area has been revitalized with new luxury townhomes and lofts, handsome architecture and park installations, and also a vibrantly renovated “Gateway to the Arts District.” Residences in the Ross Avenue neck of the woods previously donned unsightly barred-windows and run-down bars. The new look will definitely attract many to find a new home in Dallas’ Downtown area. I have a feeling that your Dallas relocation specialists will be seeing a lot of the new Ross Avenue.

Working together as a team is one of the most important aspects of a well orchestrated moving crew. Our movers exhibit excellent teamwork on a daily basis, and so do our in-office staff! Every day our moving crews rely on the teamwork of our dispatch representatives, who rely on our experienced relocation consultants to diagnose the best moving solutions for all of our customers. Teamwork is a natural part of our tight-knit moving family. Recently, your Dallas movers’ in-office staff sent a crew out to the North Texas Food Bank to volunteer. We had a lot of fun packing and moving boxes of canned goods and other foods for donation. With the exception of loading a moving truck in the hot Texas sun, your Dallas movers’ in-office staff got to experience what it’s like to perform labor in the All My Sons uniform like our moving crews! We had a lot of fun, and won’t soon forget how much we appreciate working in an air conditioned environment!

North Texas Food Bank relies on able-bodied volunteers to feed hungry families-in-need-of-a-helping-hand. Your movers in Dallas had a lot of fun working together in the NTFB warehouse, and we’re sure you will as well. Working with a great bunch of friendly volunteers all helping to fight a worthy cause, the positivity is contagious!

Your relocation specialists can’t wait for our next visit to the North Texas Food Bank. If you feel the urge to volunteer too, we encourage you to consider NTFB.


Local Roanoke man, Kenneth Robinson, demonstrably taught all of Dallas a lesson recently, but not the lesson he was intending if you ask your professional movers here. Through a little loophole known as ‘adverse possession,’ Kenneth was able to move in to a three hundred thousand dollar Flower Mound house for only sixteen dollars! Achieving local fame from his incredible story, Robinson frequently gave motivational speeches to law students and even managed the aptly titled “16dollarhouse.com” website in efforts to inspire others who might want to follow in his footsteps. Well don’t start jumping on the sixteen-dollar-house bandwagon just yet, as your Dallas residential mover learned today that Mr. Robinson’s dream home was foreclosed upon last month by its lien-holder, Bank of America. Your relocation team here at All My Sons Moving & Storage thinks Robinson’s motivational speeches might incorporate an ‘if-it-seems-too-good-to-be-true’ theme very soon!